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This a no-sew, DIY valance made from a flower box is an easy and inexpensive project that comes together in no time! You may have noticed the red and white bed valance in my last post where I shared the details of our girly shabby chic room. I’ve used it as a statement piece above the twin bed but you can use this technique over windows as well!

I started this project by buying an inexpensive plastic window box. You can find them in garden centers or home improvement stores or order them online. The window box I used was 30 inches long. This size worked great to go over the twin size bed. Of course, stay away from wood window/flower boxes. They would be too heavy.

The plastics ones are very lightweight. I also purchased a long rectangle red and white checked table cloth and two corner brackets with hardware that fits. You’ll need a glue gun, too, but that’s everything!

Please note that you might need to adjust your measurements depending on the size of your window box and tablecloth and how high you plan to hang it.

Start by cutting one of the ends off of the tablecloth. After cutting, the short section should be around 16-18″ long. Set the remaining section aside for later. You can see the sides and the bottom are hemmed.

Next, place the open end of the window box on your work surface so the bottom is facing up (it will now be the top of the valance). If you’d like to create any pleats (see picture below) figure out where you want them and make sure everything lines up how you want it. Wrap the tablecloth around the sides and a bit along the back to give it a nice finished look.

Then, use your glue gun to glue the unfinished edge of the tablecloth in place along the top of the valance. You’ll glue the “wrong” side of the fabric to the box so the “right” side is facing out.

Next, take your corner brackets and pre-drill two holes into the top of the valance. Then attach the corner brackets to your wall, using the distance between your pre-drilled holes as a guide. You can use drywall anchors if you are not attaching the brackets to studs.

At this point, flip the window box over so the open end is facing up. Take the remaining section of the tablecloth and cut it in half lengthwise. You should have two long, skinny sections after cutting each with one long finished edge, one long unfinished edge, one short finished edge, and one short unfinished edge.

Glue the “right” side of one of the sections to the inside of the window box with the long finished edge just past the center of the box and the long unfinished edge wrapped around the side and back of the box, like the first piece you glued on. Repeat with the second section. Make sure the two sections overlap each other at the center of the window box.

The last step is to attach the valance to the corner brackets already in place on your wall with some screws and nuts. Place the screw in the top of the bracket, place the screw through the top of the valance, then fasten it with a nut from the inside of the valance. Repeat with the second bracket and you’re done!