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A couple of months ago I donated a copy of my Kids’ Craft Book and a “craft session” to out charity auction at school. Finally, the family that bid for it and ours where all free to get together and get crafty. As the kids were all different ages, I wanted to choose a craft they could all enjoy – we had a 9yrs old, 6yrs old, 5yrs old and 4yrs old crafting. 2 girls and 2 boys. I decided on Paper Plate Dream Catchers.

To make it a little cuter quirkier I added a little heart star to the centre (this dream catcher I saw a while ago, gave me the idea to add the little heart detail!). We still had plenty of paper plates from our paper plate crafts hangout and I just had a new batch of wool in, so thought these would be perfect.

It was interesting to see how the different ages did. I am so used to what MY TWO kids are able to do, that I often forget that they are sometimes a little “ahead” of their peers, simply, because we do so much. Pip Squeak (aged 4), managed the threading part of this activity as well as the 9yrs old! I was rather taken aback!

Make these Dream catcher Paper Plate Craft and then talk to your kids about their dreams the next day!

My daughter and I love doing a quick paper plate craft together. I think it’s because we always have paper plate craft supplies on hand. Our latest craft was inspired by Happy Hooligans. Jackie made these adorable paper plate dream catchers and I had to make one with my daughter.

But, since my daughter likes to have a little light while she falls asleep, we decided to make our paper plate dream catchers with a twist.


So, there we were, standing in the dollar isle at Target when I saw a packet of glow-in-the-dark stars for $1.I couldn’t resist! We took them home and decided to add our glow in the dark stars to our paper plate craft dream catchers. The results were truly gorgeous.

Supplies for this Paper Plate Craft

Paper Plate
Small hole punch
Glow in the dark stars (affiliate)



First, cut out the center of the paper plate.

Then, let kids paint with whatever colors they choose.

When they dry, punch small holes all the way around the inside of the paper plate. They can be wide apart.

Start threading.

Now, this is where is gets a little tricky. I had no idea how to thread a dream catcher, but it’s super simple and has a gorgeous result.

Note: You can also let kids thread the dream catcher however they’d like if you prefer!


Thread loosely through each hole that you hole punched.

When you’ve made it all the way around, start threading through each “bump” that the thread created. Pull as you go.

When you get all the way around again (it should look like sun rays like in the picture above), you’ll start threading under the thread (through each “sun ray”) until you get all the way around.

Keep going until the opening is small.

Wrap the thread around a glowing star or, if you don’t want the star, just make a knot.

Add three holes to the base of your paper plate and thread with string and a glowing star.


And, there you have it.

Your own glow in the dark dream catcher. Perfect for hanging over your little one’s bed.