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Printable Paper Banner Dinner Plate Place Card.

If you read my Fall Home Tour posts two weeks ago, then you saw the paper ribbon banner dinner plate place cards that I made. Today, I am happy to share the free printable for you to download so you can make your own.

Of all the decorative things I create, making pretty and unique table settings is one of my favorites. I think my enjoyment of coming up with table setting ideas goes back to my days of working in retail display. When I worked in the home and housewares departments of the store- I always felt at home, not like I was at work. It was like getting to “play house” with lots of new merchandise while getting paid. There was no budget for center pieces, place cards, etc so I had to be resourceful and come up with ideas using only supplies that were in the store’s prop room.

To make the ribbon banner, I used one of my dinner plates as a size guide and sketched the banner to fit so it would fit across the top of the plate. Once I liked the design, I scanned it into my computer and then used Photoshop Elements to clean it up a bit. I didn’t want it too look too perfect, I like the hand drawn appeal of the sketched design.I used a marker to print the names on each place card, but you can use your favourite font on your computer to place the names on the banners before printing.

How to Make Ribbon Banner Place Cards for Dinner Plates

supplies needed

Free printable
Decorative paper scrapbook or printer paper
Paper cutter
Pen or Marker


There are 4 printing options

You can use either of the two printables above. The first has two banners on it. They will print out exact size if your printer page size is set up to 8-1/2″ x 11″. You can also change the size of the image on the page in your printer interface to shrink them if you have small plates.

The second is a single banner. Since the banners need to be long to fit across a dinner plate and plate sizes vary and printer paper is only so big – use this diagonal so that you can print out the banner as long as possible to fit larger dinner plates.

Save the image right off the page by right-clicking. If you do this make sure that you set the size of printer paper to be 8-1/2″ x 11″ so that the banners print across the 11″ width of the page. You may have to tweak the size in your printer interface.

If you have a Silhouette digital cutting machine – make a “cut file” for the banners to print and cut out in one steps.

I used scrapbook paper that looks like kraft paper to make my place cards, but you can use any color paper to coordinate with the color scheme of your table setting.

I used a piece of regular printer paper as a size guide to cut the 12″ x 12″ square scrapbook paper to 8-1/2″ x 11″ to fit into my computer printer.

Optional: I printed my place cards blank and used a marker to write the names on each one. You may want to print the place cards with names on them using a font installed on your computer. If so, open the file in your photo editing software and add the names, then print.

Load paper into printer and print the of the place cards.

Use scissors to cut each banner out. I left 1/4″ border all around, but you can cut along the outline of the ribbon.

If you own a Silhouette Digital Cutting machine – make a “cut file” and use it to print and cut the place cards.

Using the brown craft paper contrasts nicely on my white plates and adds to the rustic autumn color scheme. Since there are literally hundreds of scrapbook papers available – your color and pattern options are endless.